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ASME certificates Arrow

ASME & National Board Stamp Certifications Achieved at Third Shop

Jenni Piper
May 1, 2017

W. Soule has been awarded American Society of Mechanical Engineers' (ASME) stamp certification at a third shop location - Custom Fabrication in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Jason Carter, location manager,...

Paw Paw High School Industrial Arts Support Arrow

Supporting the Next Generation of Welders

Brooke Kolodzieczyk
May 23, 2016

It's no secret the skilled trades are facing a serious lack of employees. We're feeling the effect at W. Soule too and are taking steps to help turn the tide. This week we were able to help support...

Theodolite alignment Arrow

When Alignment Matters

Jenni Piper
Mar 23, 2016

Precision alignment is essential for processing lines to run correctly and in those cases close enough isn t good enough. W. Soule is now offering precision optical alignment services in-house...

Carl Neuenfeldt, CAWI Arrow

Carl Neuenfeldt Earns Certified Associate Welding Inspector Designation

Michelle Telle
Feb 12, 2016

Carl Neuenfeldt, Quality Control department, recently passed the American Welding Society's Certified Associate Welding Inspector (CAWI) exam and is on his way to becoming a Certified Welding...

Piping office in Paw Paw, Michigan Arrow

Celebrating 70 years of "& Company"

Jenni Piper
Jan 1, 2016

Thomas R. Soule founded T.R. Soule & Son in 1946 as a residential plumbing contractor based out of his home in Paw Paw, Michigan. Over the next two decades the company grew and in the mid 1960's they...

Florida office moves into their new shop Arrow

Soule is Shining in the Sunshine State

Jenni Piper
Jan 1, 2016

The crew in our Florida office has been working hard to build the business there and their hard work is paying off. They have landed multiple large contracts in the area and moved into a new office...

Giving thanks Arrow

Giving Thanks

Michelle Telle
Dec 8, 2015

Fall has settled in, we've seen the leaves change into beautiful and bright hues, we've cheered for our football teams, and have been hunting with friends and family. As we transition into winter...

W. Soule Service Group mobilizes Arrow

Service Group Expands into Saginaw

Scott Adler
Dec 9, 2014

We are proud to announce the W. Soule Service Group has expanded into Saginaw, Michigan. It was a great scenario - the market was asking for HVAC service and the right person approached us. It really...

MSU FRIB logo Arrow

What is a FRIB?

Andrew Hoffman
Nov 19, 2014

We're proud to be partnering on the FRIB project at MSU. What is a FRIB and what's so unique about it? FOX 47 interviewed the researchers at MSU to learn more and have a great explanation for those...

2014 Heat's On team Arrow

Keeping the Heat On for Military Families

Lee Burnham
Oct 13, 2014

This fall team members from our Saginaw office teamed with other HVAC professionals to help keep the families of 25 active and military veteran service people warm this winter. "These families have...

Davenport 2014 Dryer in progress Arrow

Large-Scale Fabrication Hits the Road in Kalamazoo

Jenni Piper
Aug 19, 2014

W. Soule's Soule Fabrication Group facility at Midlink, the former GM plant, is shipping large-scale this week. The crew is finishing up work on a large steam-powered dryer which will ship to an...

Brotebeck and Owens on repair job in Peru Arrow

Operation Peru

Jenni Piper
Jun 19, 2014

Destination - Chinalco Copper Mine, high in the Andes Mountains in Toromocho, Peru, South America It took many hours in planes, trains and automobiles for the team to travel over 4,000 miles from...

30' tall skid at Soule Fabrication Group Arrow

Building Tall

Jenni Piper
Feb 19, 2014

40' ceilings seem high, until you build a 30' tall skid inside. After it's all assembled, the crew will break it down into large modules for transport. Pieces like this are much harder to build on...

Moving product with driveable cone Arrow

Mobile Cone Moves Product

Jenni Piper
Nov 14, 2013

Client's challenge: Move a thick, liquid product from location to another without installing piping. W. Soule's solution: A storage cone on wheels. Joystick controllers allow the user to "drive"...

Adjustable conveyor Arrow

Flexible by Design

Jason Carter
Oct 28, 2013

One of our clients conducts research and development for their parent food company. They are continuously utilizing different equipment to replicate and design various processing lines for a variety...

Amerisure Grant 2013 Arrow

W. Soule Awarded a Safety Resource Grant

Don Jackson
Sep 6, 2013

W. Soule was awarded a Safety Resource Grant from Amerisure Insurance Company. This resource grant is awarded to companies insured by Amerisure who exhibit unique safety enhancements within their...

Stock Pot equipment in final set-up Arrow

Moving Soup with Process Integration

Jerry Ruoff
Jul 22, 2013

We do a lot of work in the food industry - and on lucky days we get to put a spectrum of that experience to work and complete a multi-faceted project from start to finish. The Stock Pot Equipment...

blog post default Arrow

Welcome to the W. Blog - W. Soule's New Blog

W. Soule Marketing
Jul 18, 2013

At W. Soule, we're excited to dive into the world of blogging! Welcome to the W. Blog. Here we'll discuss industries news, highlighted projects using innovative services, company news, and more. ...

pump skids built for the oil and gas industry Arrow

W. Soule SPEED

Kevin Waterstradt
Jul 15, 2013

Our craftsmans' experience and diligent client communication by the project management team made it possible to meet a tight production schedule. W. Soule is quality work done on time and on budget....

blog post default Arrow

New Responsive Website for W. Soule

W. Soule Marketing
Jul 11, 2013

W. Soule is pleased to announced that the company's new, responsive website has gone live! Our new website uses a Responsive Design strategy to select and format content to fit the screen - no matter...

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