Flexible By Design

Flexible by Design

One of our clients conducts research and development for their parent food company. They are continuously utilizing different equipment to replicate and design various processing lines for a variety of products so they need equipment which can change and adapt to their needs.

Dan and Windy on our custom fabrication team answered the challenge with this conveyor designed for flexibility.

  • It includes two hydraulic jacks and can be raised up to 53″ high.
  • Because the jacks work independently, the user can also choose any angle up to that height too.
  • They also needed the ability to span different lengths with one conveyor. Windy designed this piece to extend with the simple use of a joystick control. The belt is wound through moving wheels inside the conveyor to account for the slack. The user can also control the belt speed with the variable speed control.
  • Because it will move to different locations, Dan added four large locking wheels and jacks for stability.

See it adapt in the video.

Another challenge answered W. Soule-Style.

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