When Alignment Matters

When Alignment Matters

Precision alignment is essential for processing lines to run correctly and in those cases close enough isn t good enough.

W. Soule is now offering precision optical alignment services in-house using both our theodolite and optical level. The theodolite uses optical plummets and a bubble level to align both vertical and horizontal angles. The optical level is used for precise leveling. Both tools are accurate to one thousandths of an inch.

“A paper processing line, for example, being out of alignment can cause the paper to track off line and cost the customer down time,” says Tim Clow, millwright and Project Manager at W. Soule.

Theodolites are similar to transits, however more accurate. Transits use vernier scales and external graduated metal circles for angular readings. Theodolites use enclosed graduated circles and angular readings are taken using an internal magnifying optical system. Theodolites tend to have a more precise reading and provide greater accuracy in measuring angles than transits do.

“Our crews are adding this to their wheelhouse to better serve our customers,” says Clow.

Bottom line – We build it.

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