Supporting the Next Generation of Welders

Supporting Next Gen WeldersIt’s no secret the skilled trades are facing a serious lack of employees. We’re feeling the effect at W. Soule too and are taking steps to help turn the tide.

This week we were able to help support the Industrial Arts and Robotics program at Paw Paw High School in Paw Paw, Michigan where Thomas started W. Soule 70 years ago. We introduced students to W. Soule – what we do, internships and available work experiences, and what qualities we look for in employees. We also provided financial support for the purchase of equipment and machines to help broaden the students’ experiences.

It’s wonderful to see young people interested in this very viable, rewarding and important field.

“There is nothing more important to our country than Skilled Labor. Not all knowledge comes from college, but Skill is a matter of degree.” ~Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

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