Neuenfeldt Earns Certified Radiographic Interpreter Designation

Neuenfeldt Earns Certified Radiographic Interpreter CertificationCarl Neuenfeldt, CWI, CRI attained his American Welding Society Certified Radiographic Interpreter (CRI) certification! Carl is now certified to make qualified interpretations of weld radiographic (x-ray) films.

Achieving this is no small feat! Classes for this certification run six days with 8-10 hours of daily classroom instruction followed by approximately 3-4 hours of homework each night. It’s an exhausting week. And then, when they finally get you to total burn-out, along comes test day. An eight-hour written test!

I spoke with Carl several times throughout his week in Cleveland and asked what the class was like. Carl’s response was “It’s like taking the CWI (Certified Welding Inspectors) class on steroids!” This certification has the highest failure rate of all the AWS certifications and passing it, especially on the first attempt, is something to be very proud of! Great job Carl!

A Certified Radiographic Interpreter (CRI) and Certified Weld Inspector (CWI), Neunfeldt is responsible for W. Soule’s Quality Control program in the Saginaw, Michigan shop including all weld and material tracking, welder qualifications, paint inspections, document control, project turnover packages and National Board repair jobs for some of our most prominent customers including Dow and Hemlock Semiconductor. Carl joined W. Soule in 2012.

W. Soule shoots several hundred x-rays a year and having a CRI on staff reinforces W. Soule’s commitment to quality.

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