Service Group Recognizes Johnson & Fisher

The W. Soule Service Group recently held their quarterly meeting to recognize employees and keep all employees up to date on what’s going on within the division.

Mike Johnson, a service group plumber, received the Patriarch Award for his ability to teach the younger guys anything he knows and by leading by example each day with his outstanding work ethic and vast knowledge of the business. He has always be a father figure to the other guys and a constant source of guidance for the group.

Mike has been with W. Soule for 29 years and he says the thing he likes most about working here is the type of work that we do, the manpower involved and that everyone is always willing to work together!


Eric FisherEric Fisher has been with W. Soule for 19 years and was selected to receive the Executive Producer Award for his ability to implement and embrace different tactics and practices for doing business.

As an HVAC Technician in the Service Group, Eric was selected for this award because of his ability to spearhead and embrace a new technology platform that the Service Group is using; XOI. XOI incorporates video and photos into their service reports and Eric has excelled at being a leader with this program, teaching his peers and continually improving his own performance.

The W. Soule awards were announced and presented at the Service Group’s quarterly meeting. The team also discussed their vision within the group, which is:

To be the best service company that engages our people, embraces innovation, and provides outstanding quality and customer services.

W. Soule Service Group is the HVAC division of W. Soule offering heating, cooling, ventilation and plumbing services to industrial and commercial companies in Michigan. W. Soule has the capability to design and deliver solutions to help companies achieve goals and improve processes.

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