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pump skids built for the oil and gas industry

Oil & Gas Industry

With 70 years of experience working in the custom piping fabrication and installation business, W. Soule is ready for any challenge in the oil & gas industry.

We offer:

W. Soule Facility Benefits

W. Soule's 125,000 square feet of indoor fabrication space can handle piping, skid and vessel fabrication projects of almost any size. Projects move faster in our shop because...

  • No weather delays - climate controlled environment
  • Avoid interruptions and delayed work at your plant location
  • It is tested and validated before it is shipped
  • Higher quality and higher production rates

Contact W. Soule today to see how our services can benefit your oil & gas needs.

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ASME Tanks & Vessels

Stainless steel ASME tank

Fabrication, installation and repair of tanks & vessels to "S", "U", "PP" and "R" stamps.