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sheet metal combine built for Kellogg's Cereal City USA

Project Profiles

API 1104 welding

API 1104 Piping Project

An API pipe fabrication project we completed for a natural gas compressor station. Read the details about this API 1104 piping project.

Bin Dumper Designed & Built by W. Soule

Design & Build Bin Dumper

A local pharmaceutical company approached the Custom Fabrication team with a challenge to mechanically dump fiber drums containing powder or tablets into existing hoppers. Learn the details of this design and build bin dumper project.

Hastelloy alloy dryers for Davenport Dryer

Hasteloy Alloy Dryers

A talented team of craftsman and 125,000 sq. ft. of temperature-controlled fabrication space give W. Soule the ability to complete very precise, large-scale customer fabrication projects on time and on budget. Learn more about this Hasteloy Alloy Dryer project.

building the dryer

Large Fabrication Dryer

At 70' long and 11'6" in diameter this rotary steam tube dryer is the largest piece we have ever created and took about 4,000 hours to complete.
Read more about our largest job yet.

Moving soup equipment

Moving Soup with Process Integration

We do a lot of work in the food industry - and on lucky days we get to put a spectrum of that experience to work and complete a multi-faceted project from start to finish. The Stock Pot Equipment Relocation project for Campbell's Soup was one of those projects. True Process Integration utilizing the talents of the W. Soule team from start to finish.

pump skids built for the oil and gas industry

Natural Gas Pump Skids

Our craftsman's experience and diligent client communication by the project management team made it possible to meet this tight production schedule. Read more on the challenge and solution for this natural gas pump skids project.

Brotebeck and Owens on repair job in Peru

Welding in Peru

Destination: Chinalco Copper Mine, high in the Andes Mountains in Toromocho, Peru, South America
Challenges: Living and welding at high elevations, language and culture
Assignment: Code welding modifications on a heat exchanger
Read more about welding at 15,000 feet above sea level.