Hasteloy Dryers

Hastelloy Alloy Dryer


Davenport Dryer needed two dryers fabricated of unique materials, held to very high quality standards and on a relatively fast timeline.

  • The dryers were each 70′ long by 8′ in diameter.
  • The shells were to be crafted of C-276 hastelloy alloy with AL-6XN flighting.
  • The project required ASME and AWS welding standards.
  • Tolerance for out of round was held to + or – .25″ with a sag rate less than 3/8″ in 70′ as confirmed by third party inspections.

W. Soule met the challenge.


The sheer dimensions of this project makes it a challenge for many fabricators. Equipped with 50 ton cranes and over 125,000 sq. ft. of fabrication space, W. Soule was able to offer indoor fabrication.

Working with C-276 is a challenge – it is extremely difficult to form, grind and weld. Our team met prior to starting the project to pull from their years of experience and test on product samples to achieve the desired results and quality expectations.

Our craftsmen’s experience and diligent client communication made it possible to meet the production schedule other companies could not commit to. We maintained monthly and weekly production schedules and regularly communicated with the client, daily at some critical points in the project.

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