January 1


Brett Walters New COO at W. Soule in 2015

Brett Walters assumes Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) duties. Gary Cline becomes majority owner and transitions to President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

January 1

Expanding the Service Group

WSoule in 2014

The Service Group expands to offer services out of the Saginaw, Michigan office to better serve business throughout Michigan’s lower peninsula.

January 1

New Location in Saginaw, Michigan

WSoule in 2011

An office and piping shop was opened in Saginaw, Michigan to support current clients and expand our business in northeastern Michigan.

January 1


WSoule in 2010

Gary Cline leads the company as Chief Operating Officer.

January 1

Opening the Fabrication Group

modular platform

W. Soule opened the largest shop yet, Soule Fabrication Group. It was part of the Kalamazoo General Motors plant and expanded our capabilities for large-scale fabrication.

January 1

Expansion into Florida

WSoule in 2005

W. Soule diversified its geographical base with the purchase of Orbital Process Systems, a piping contractor in Orlando, Florida.

January 1

Moving to Portage

WSoule in 2001

W. Soule moves from Paw Paw, Michigan to the current corporate headquarters in Portage.

January 2

New Location in Grand Rapids, Michigan

W. Soule Grand Rapids location

W. Soule opens an office and sheet metal fabrication shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

January 1

Adding the Service Group

WSoule in 1997

The Service Group was added to provide maintenance, repair and renovations of commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration systems.

January 1

Adding Millwright Services

W. Soule Millwright building in 1996

Millwright services are added as WSC Millwright Services, LLC, a separate sister company with common ownership. This addition made W. Soule a full service industrial mechanical contractor. WSC Millwright Services was merged into W. Soule in 2005.

January 1

Expanding Sheet Metal Services

WSoule in 1992

W. Soule acquired Leonard Sheet Metal Company to further expand the sheet metal division.

January 1

Growing with Pharmaceutical Companies

WSoule in 1990

The company grows through work for the Upjohn Company. Upjohn was acquired by Pharmacia in 1995 and then acquired by Pfizer in 2002.

January 1

Acquiring Sheet Metal Services

WSoule in 1985

W. Soule acquired J. A. Temple Company, adding sheet metal services and diversifying the company.

January 1

Growing with Local Companies

WSoule in 1980

The company grows through work for local paper mills and food companies.

January 1

Handing Over

WSoule in 1978

Warren’s son John takes over management of the company.

March 24

Incorporating the Company

WSoule in 1966

Thomas’ son Warren leads the company and incorporates it as W. Soule & Co.

January 1

Founding the Company

Thomas Soule founded T. R. Soule & Son as a residential plumbing contractor based out of his home in Paw Paw, Michigan.

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