Industrial Metrology

At W. Soule we offer precision metrology services to obtain optimal process productivity. From new installations to the unexpected breakdowns. We are the experts when it comes to precision.

Precision From the Start

From the start of a project to final commissioning, at W Soule we utilize cutting-edge metrology equipment and our expert alignment technicians to ensure each piece is precisely located to facilitate a seamless start up or repair.


We utilize optical alignment tooling such as laser trackers, theodolites, and precision tilting levels. These establish a true reference line to a degree of accuracy of less than 1 arc second to accurately check for level, square, plumb, and layout. As well as industry leading shaft alignment lasers to ensure precise shaft alignment.


The primary cause of most process productivity issues is misalignment. We are experts at identifying and solving operational issues related to misalignment. We understand how costly down time can be, which is why we work effectively and efficiently to identify the issue and restore your equipment to the optimum state of operation. Therefore, improving not only the reliability but the longevity of the equipment.

Shaft Alignment

Precision shaft alignment ensures that the driver and driven parts of every machine work in unison. Often different machinery elements fight each other across the coupling, creating inefficiency. As a result, productivity falls while energy requirements increase. In addition, the machine’s components encounter accelerated wear, diminishing life expectancy and magnifying operational costs.

Precision Alignment

We understand that precision alignment is most critical at operating speeds and temperature. Because of this we understand the necessity of identifying and correcting:

  • Soft Foot
  • Thermal Growth
  • Excessive Bearing Play
  • Coupling Run-Out
  • Pipe Strain

With these corrected during the alignment process, the equipment remains in a precisely aligned state when it is at operating speed and temperature.