Subcontractor Portal

Successful Collaboration

Thank you for your interest in working with W. Soule. We depend on our subcontractors to provide workmanship that embodies safety, quality, adherence to schedule, mutual respect, and trust. W. Soule’s long-term success is a product of the strong relationships we’ve built with our subcontractors and suppliers.

Prequalification Process

W. Soule requires all subcontractors to complete a prequalification form and be approved before performing work on our behalf.

To become a qualified subcontractor, please create a user name and password, via the online form below, you will then be able to login and provide the requested supplemental information. Upon submission, your company’s information will be reviewed and you will be notified of approval or denial. If the application is denied, deficiencies will be explained. Based upon the project’s size, scope, and overall risk, W. Soule may request more financial information in a follow-up communication.

To help complete the prequalification application, first gather the following information:

  • Diversity Certificates, Electronic Copies
  • Contractor’s Licenses
  • Union Agreements
  • Bonding Capacity and Electronic Copy of Your Surety Letter
  • Federal Identification Number
  • Business Type
  • Officers/Ownership
  • Safety Information and Electronic Copies of EMR and OSHA 300A for the Past Three Years.
  • Safety Policy
  • Revenue for Past Three Years
  • Current Workload and Back Log
  • Soule Specific Insurance Certificate, Electronic Copy (Coverage Requirements)
  • W9, Electronic Copy
  • Contractor References

If a W. Soule employee has requested that you be prequalified in our system, please reference their name and the project on page 1 of the form. With this information, we can help expedite the process and notify them when you’re an approved vendor, so you can begin work.

Prequalification approvals expire and must be updated when insurance certificates expire in February when updated safety statistics are needed. Prior to policy expiration, a reminder email will be sent to the submitter asking for information updates.

If you are new to W. Soule and looking to become a supplier, you can begin the process by creating a user name and password, and submitting the form provided below, to begin the prequalification process.

Thank you for your interest in working with W. Soule.