The W. Soule Service Group is a team of highly-skilled craftsmen and technicians providing maintenance, repair, and installation of commercial and industrial HVAC systems. Our professionals work seamlessly to support your core maintenance staff. We provide you with work force flexibility and highly trained and skilled professionals for complicated and specialized jobs. Supported by a fleet of fully-equipped vans, these technicians are ready to help with emergency, routine, or individual service needs.

Service Group Specialties

  • Retrofit and Upgrade Existing HVAC Systems for Enhanced Performance
  • Installation and Service of Industrial and Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Piping and Plumbing Repairs
  • Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration
  • Pumps and Condensate Systems
  • Boiler Service / Installation / Repair / CSD1 Testing
  • Backflow Prevention Testing and Repair

Planned Maintenance Programs

We can provide regular preventative maintenance and monitoring, designed to meet your needs. Avoid costly emergency plant shutdowns due to failed equipment and systems. Discounts are available for annual and multi-year agreements.

We have been servicing many local facilities for 30+ years.  These include public and private schools, hotels, commercial offices, industrial manufacturing plants, paper mills, banks, theaters, event centers, and many more. We have many years’ experience and great personnel that make these partnerships so successful.

Benefits of a Planned Maintenance Agreement

  • Early Problem Detection – Component wear and other mechanical issues in your equipment can cause more damage the longer it runs without necessary repairs.
  • Prolonged Lifespan of Equipment
  • Increased Efficiency / Reducing Energy Costs
  • Reduce Operating Costs / Less Frequent Emergency Service Calls and Repairs
  • Discounted Rates for Equipment, Service, and Labor
  • Priority Service

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