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Working Soule-Style

W. Soule is a highly-qualified mechanical contracting business offering multiple services with one point of contact. We’re better able to manage the ups and downs and ins and outs of our customer’s work by offering a full spectrum of services and utilizing them as appropriate for each project.


1. Design

The planning process will include insight from our team of experts to troubleshoot, foresee challenges and strategize opportunities. If we’re fabricating to set standards, like ASME, those requirements will be discussed during this stage. In house designers, engineering firms and other partners will be consulted as appropriate


2. Procurement

Once plans are approved the procurement team is consulted to secure quality materials at the best pricing. We pool purchases company-wide to qualify for volume discounts and help our customers save money.

The quality team may be involved to inspect and approve incoming materials before production.


3. Fabrication

Our team of talented custom sheet metal fabricators, millwrights, pipefitters and HVAC craftsman meet with the project manager to be briefed on the project and start fabricating your project to the agreed upon standards. Wherever possible we assemble the piece in our shops to help validate and limit downtime during the installation.


4. Quality

The quality team is consulted throughout the process, but the buck stops here. Finished projects are inspected per the approved project standards which may include ASME stamps.


5. Installation

Our millwrights and other talented tradesmen will be on the job installing your equipment. These high-caliber teams perform great under pressure. They understand that down time is lost revenue and strive to get your team back up and running without sacrificing quality or safety.


6. Service

Our work doesn’t end when your equipment is back up and running. We continue to provide the level of service you expect to help keep your facility running at optimum level.

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